73 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

If you need some brilliant ideas for easy last-minute Halloween costumes, then look no further.

Dressing up for Halloween is so much fun, who doesn’t love taking on a new identity for a night?

But some years, all the weeks of outfit pre-planning, shopping, elaborate make-up tutorials – not to mention the professional level social media strategy that now comes along for the ride – it can all make you feel a little bit like the spontaneity and DIY fun, has gone out of the holiday.

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If you’re feeling that way too, or maybe you just haven’t had time to get organized for Halloween, then this post is for you. It’s our list of 51 of the easiest, simple Halloween costume ideas that can be prepared in virtually no time at all. Because having a good time is way more important than staying up all night for months to work on the perfect cosplay look.

Our favorite Halloween costume shortcuts

Cat eyeliner costume set

Cat Eyeliner and Headband Set

Get to work with this eyeliner, add a black outfit, and hey presto, instant costume
Halloween makeup palette

Halloween Makeup Palette

This versatile palette has everything you'll need to create just about any look
Skeleton makeup kit

Skeleton Makeup Kit

Even beginners can recreate a skeleton look with this makeup kit

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  1. A mime artist
    You’ll need a beret, a striped t-shirt, white gloves, plain trousers and braces, optional black and white face makeup – this one’s also great for getting out of awkward conversations at the party as you can mime a graceful exit.
  2. Zoom Call
    Cut a large rectangular hole from a sheet of cardboard, and draw in the buttons along the bottom. For an ultra-realistic effect, mark the volume button on mute and walk around miming.
  3. The grim reaper
    Get a black hooded cloak and make a quick scythe out of a broom handle with a faux blade made from cardboard stuck on.
  4. A scarecrow
    Put on a checked shirt and jeans and an old wide-brimmed hat, extra points if you use some old ripped clothes and place some rags for stuffing or hay that can peek out.
  5. Sugar Daddy
    Grab a bag of sugar from your pantry and walk around cradling it like a baby.
  6. A ghost
    The ultimate lazy Halloweener’s go-to of a white bed sheet with holes cut for eyes.
  7. Men in Black
    A dark suit and tie, dark glasses, and a ‘pen’ as the memory eraser. – This is a killer outfit for couples.
  8. Love Island Contestant
    The guilty-pleasure UK favorite might have skipped a year but you can remind everyone of what they’re missing with your costume this year. Bathers or any skimpy clothes (shorts or skinny jeans and a Hawaiian shirt for guys), plus full hair makeup, and of course the iconic water bottle. It’s all you need to guarantee you won’t be ‘pied’ off this Halloween.
  9. A Snapchat filter
    Make some rolled-up paper flowers and glue them to elastic for a headband and put lots of dotted freckles on your cheeks.
  10. A witch
    Another slacker-Halloweener’s classic, all-black clothes, and a black pointy witches hat – need we say more?
  11. Joe Goldberg
    If you’re as obsessed with Netflix’s hit show, as Joe Goldberg is with his crush, then this outfit is perfect for You. Wear a baseball hat pulled down with a denim jacket and backpack – also be sure to lurk near people as much as possible…
  12. Ragdoll
    Create a doll-like makeup look with round red cheeks and red lips, a cutesy dress, and hair done in plaits or pigtails.
  13. Wind-up doll/toy
    Exactly the same look as above but with a cardboard ‘key’ taped into the back of your outfit. Another good one for parties where you hate small talk (can you tell we don’t go out much?) as you can pretend to ‘wind down’ whenever you feel the need.
  14. A cowboy
    A checked shirt, Stetson hat, oversized belt buckle, optional makeshift chaps tied around your trousers (remember, that’s chaps over trousers not Xtina circa Dirrty-era).

Our favorite easy Halloween costumes and accessories

Harley Quinn costume

Harley Quinn Costume

Change things up with the D.C. comics version of Harley Quinn
Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume

Audrey Hepburn Costume

Channel your inner Holly Golightly with this glamorous and sophisticated costume
Witches hat for halloween

Witches Hat

This cute hat is the ultimate lazy Halloween costume, plus it folds down for easy storage year-after-year

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