73 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

  1. Wednesday Addams
    All you need to be this classic Halloween movie character, is a long-sleeved dress black, plaits, mary-janes if you have them. Plus remember to perfect your moody pout.
  2. A burglar
    An eye mask, a striped top, and a swag bag over your shoulder, and you’re basically done.
  3. The Bachelorette
    Put on your favorite LBD and swipe a rose from your garden (or neighbors’…), pair with a helpful look, and you are good to go.
  4. Arthur
    Everyone’s favorite Aardvark-related meme! Start with fuzzy bear ears, a pair of round glasses, and a white men’s dress shirt. Top off with the iconic yellow v-neck sweater and chinos. A pair of Converse Sneakers completes the look.
  5. A weatherman
    Wear a suit, and draw or print a big map on some cardboard as a prop, and be sure to warn everyone about that ‘cold front coming in from the north’.
  6. A unicorn
    All you need to do is wear clothes in shades of pastel, make a cardboard cone for a horn, decorate it with some glitter glue and attach using some elastic.
  7. Sweet Treats
    Wear white, orange and yellow layered clothing and be candy corn.
  8. Animal House
    The iconic comedy’s most iconic look. Turn a large white bedsheet into a toga and whip a laurel wreath out of whatever you can find in the garden. Or opt for the classic ‘College’ jumper.
  9. A cat
    Use eyeliner to draw on some whiskers and a nose, and make or buy a cat-ear headband.
  10. Kiss band member
    With just black and white face paint and a black wig, this one’s great if you are going as a group or a family.
  11. Cereal killer
    For this well-worn classic, take your favorite cereal and a plastic knife.
  12. Mummy
    Use paper or a big roll of bandages tied together, just remember to tie them in such a way that you can still go to the bathroom!
  13. Game Time
    Take four cardboard boxes, paint them the same color so they look like blocks and tape them together around yourself to become a Tetris piece.

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