Thanksgiving Desserts With Chocolate 37 Recipes

PSA: get ready for some epic Thanksgiving desserts with chocolate.

If you aren’t a pumpkin fanatic, Thanksgiving can be a tricky holiday.

The orange stuff is everywhere during fall, and even more so on the biggest eating day of the year.

On the other hand, if you adore pumpkin, but just want to offer an alternative, it can be hard to find recipes for Thanksgiving that give more variety than pumpkin pie.

Here’s where our list of inspired chocolate desserts that are just perfect for Thanksgiving comes in.

Although chocolate already rules Christmas, there are still plenty of cocoa-inspired concoctions to make you feel even more #thankful.

There are easy recipes, and ones that could stop traffic, sweet and light bites, and hearty treats.

Let’s get started!

Let’s party!

Thanksgiving desserts with chocolate

  1. Hot chocolate cheesecake
    Too good to save for Christmas, this hot chocolate cheesecake is bringing all the wow-factor to Thanksgiving.
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  3. Chocolate chess pie
    This easy pie uses just a few ingredients that you probably already have on hand.
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  5. Reese’s stuffed brownies
    This dessert gives you an epic two-in-one.
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  7. Turkey Oreo balls
    Kids will go wild for these cute truffles.
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    Toll House chocolate-chip pie
    If you like your chocolate warm, dense and fudgey, you’re in luck with this dessert.


  9. S’mores dip
    This casserole is the perfect pairing for any fall breakfast.
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  11. Dark chocolate candied orange slices
    For a lighter dessert that still gives a killer chocolate hit, try some of these candied orange slices.
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  13. Pear and chocolate loaf
    Get your fall fruit fix with this pretty and unusual dessert.
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  15. Chocolate Oreo pie
    This no-bake pie will save on much-needed Thanksgiving day oven space.
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  17. Turkey blossom cookie
    These cookies are almost too cute to eat!
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  19. Pumpkin fudge balls
    With a name like ‘pumpkin fudge balls’ you’d never guess these bites are secretly low in sugar!
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  21. Chocolate-covered pretzels
    Although they might take a little time, these colorful chocolate pretzels are the perfect thing to graze on..
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  23. Pumpkin spice hot chocolate
    You can’t beat a cozy hot chocolate, and to finish off Thanksgiving, this hot chocolate is dessert and drink in one.
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  25. Snickers brownies
    If you’ve been looking for an excuse to take your brownie game up a notch, here it is.
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  27. Nutella bread pudding
    You’ll be praying for leftovers of this bread pudding so you can make an impressive next-day breakfast from it.
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  29. Chocolate pumpkin dessert lasagna
    Even if you don’t make this dessert lasagna, the chocolate whipped cream is a must-try.
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  31. Pumpkin swirl brownies
    A pop of orange makes these brownies a treat for the yes and the mouth.
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