73 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

  1. A zombie
    Take some old, ripped clothes and add some easy gory makeup effects with washed out, pale skin and exaggerated dark eyes and lips.
  2. A hipster
    Wear some thick-rimmed glasses, a bow tie, braces, carry a cup of your favorite artisan coffee and talk to everyone about that band they probably haven’t heard of…you get the idea.
  3. The Witcher
    Geralt of Rivia is as simple as getting hold of a flowing grey wig and pairing it with an all-black, gothic-looking ensemble. Walk around asking if any monsters need slaying in return for coin and people will get the idea.
  4. A gym instructor
    Wear your workout gear, extra points for sweatbands, and shout motivational statements like: ‘Feel the burn!’ and ‘Hustle for that muscle!’
  5. An old-school spy
    Wear a trench coat, cut eye holes in a newspaper and use a cheap disguise kit like glasses and a prosthetic nose.
  6. The Phantom of the Opera
    Use a cheap Dracula cloak and a mask painted white and that’s cut in half diagonally across the face.
  7. Tiger King
    Sure to be the hottest outfit this year. For Joe, wear a curly blonde mullet gig, jeans and as much leopard print as you can get your hands on, complete with statement jewlery. Bonus outfits for friends as a tiger, one of the park workers. Don’t forget to regale everyone with your theories on a certain Carole Baskin.
  8. Carole Baskin
    Speaking of whom, this is the perfect easy outfit for all you cool cats and kittens, just grab a floaty, ‘earth mama’ or leopard print dress and wear your hair long and flowing with a flower crown.
  9. Wolverine
    Make some fake claws out of foil taped to your hands and style your hair in the trademark quiff. Bonus points for sideburns, a moody demeanor and gruff voice.
  10. Mark Zuckerberg
    All you need is a beaten-up old hoodie and jeans.
  11. Instagram
    Make an ‘Instagram’ cardboard frame to hold in front of you, complete with ‘happy Halloween’ caption: or go analog with a cardboard photobooth picture frame.
  12. Instagram vs Reality
    Go in the same outfit as a friend but make one filtered and one unfiltered. Or make a ‘what my friends think I do’-style meme picture. This outfit has endless options.
  13. A Vegas cocktail waitress
    Wear a little black dress, chew gum, smile, call everyone ‘honey’, and bring a tray to hold up above your shoulder. Just don’t be surprised if people try to give you drink orders – but hey, this could be one of those easy, last-minute Halloween costumes where you also make a few tips!
  14. A psychic
    Tie a boho headscarf around your hair, wear some vivid makeup and statement jewellery and make all the crazy predictions you like.

Key accessories for easy Halloween looks

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Mullet Wig

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