73 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

  1. The Queen of Hearts
    From Alice in Wonderland: just wear a red dress, a paper crown and accessorize with some playing cards. If you’re looking for a tutorial to go with it, check out this list of cool Halloween makeup.
  2. Dress up as your favorite meme
    All you need for Salt Bae is a white t-shirt, slicked-back hair, sunglasses, and your favorite brand of kosher salt to sprinkle.
  3. Riverdale costumes
    There are so many iconic Riverdale looks that make easy, last-minute Halloween costumes. Most of them are super-simple to create with clothes you already have. If in doubt, dress in a preppy look and stick a cardboard letter to the front of a blue sweater.
  4. Be a crazy cat lady
    Just use a few cat stuffed animals (we know you have them somewhere), style your hair in a wild look, and wear any eccentric-looking clothing you can find.
  5. Guacamole costume
    Dress up as your favorite side, just wear avocado-green clothes and stick a price tag on your costume – because you are expensive!
  6. Dani from Midsommar
    All you’ll need is a pretty floral crown and a floaty white peasant dress – your group of friends can wear the same or be dressed as they are, and then slowly disappear one by one throughout the night.
  7. Deer
    Wear a cute deer costume with all brown or beige clothes, drape a little faux fur on you and some simple deer makeup; check out our list for a easy and cool Halloween makeup tutorial to complete the look.
  8. Where’s Waldo
    All you need is glasses, a red and white striped hat, and t-shirt and jeans. Plus you can have fun playing hide and seek all night.
  9. M&Ms
    This is another perfect idea for couples or families. Each person wears a different shade of brightly colored clothes and fixes a white cardboard letter M to their chest.
  10. Become an emoji
    A blue top and shorts for the runner, a swooshy red dress for the dancing lady or a purple jumper for the reacting girl.
  11. The Handmaid’s Tale
    All you need is a red robe or dress, then make a white bonnet out of any stiff white fabric – or an old lampshade with a section cut out. – Finish with a canvas bag.
  12. Stranger Things
    Buy or borrow some 80s clothes to become a character from Stranger Things.
  13. Us
    If you have a red jumpsuit or a shirt and trousers, all you need is some kitchen scissors. Maybe go for these prop ones though!
  14. Friends
    Buy or borrow some 90s clothes to dress up as your favorite character from Friends. Remember to load up on the sarcastic comments; “could I be anymore ironic!”

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