73 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

  1. Be a Minion
    With a yellow top and dungarees, this idea is even better if you are large a group or a family.
  2. The Craft
    Wear a black leather jacket, plus white polo top, 90s plaid skirt, and black knee socks. Add the chunkiest goth-style shoes you own and finally wear every piece of silver jewelry you own! Check out our post on Halloween Makeup, to complete the look!
  3. Rosie the Riveter
    Wear a red headscarf, bright pin-up style makeup and a denim shirt with rolled-up sleeves. You can do it!
  4. Cher from Clueless
    Just hunt down a matching yellow plaid jacket and skirt and pair it with a white tee and knee-high stockings. Extra points for shopping bags and a vintage-looking cellphone.
  5. Be a typical tourist
    With shorts, a theme park t-shirt, and accessorize with sunglasses, a hat, a big camera and take pictures of everything. This is a cool idea for couples too.
  6. Doctor Who
    Be your favorite version of the Doctor: get a tweed jacket, bow tie and messy hair for matt smith, and a hoodie underneath an oversized coat for Jodie Whittaker, with optional sonic screwdriver.
  7. Rosie the Riveter
    You probably have everything you need for this outfit already at home. Opt for classic denim or sturdy cotton blue overalls or a men’s style button-down shirt in dark blue and roll up the sleeves. Wear a polka dot bandana as a headband or hair scarf. Finish with sturdy work boots.
  8. Minnie Mouse
    Wear a plain black top and pair it with a full red polka dot skirt and yellow shoes if you have them – too easy.
  9. Enneagram Number
    Take the test here first, (or pick a number you’d like to be). Then just write your number on a piece of clothing and carry it around with you for the night while you display all the characteristics of the enneagram.
  10. Pokemon Trainer
    You can be any trainer from the Pokemon universe by whipping this quick make at home Pokeball and trying to catch all your friends.
  11. Ceiling fan
    Another classic from the easy, last-minute Halloween costumes hall of fame, if you don’t mind the cheese factor. Get some pom-poms or a foam hand, wear athletic gear and wear a badge that says ‘go ceilings!’
  12. Kraft Mac’n’Cheese
    Pay tribute to your favorite dish for the evening: wear a yellow top, a blue skirt or trousers, and paint some cardboard toilet paper centers bright yellow and stick them onto your clothing.
  13. The Dude from The Big Lebowski
    Wear a bathrobe and sandals and some sunglasses. Bring a small rug with you for an accessory that ties the room together just right.
  14. Be a hunting trophy
    With some simple animal makeup and a cardboard plaque around your neck, this Halloween look is wickedly easy.
  15. Chucky Doll
    If you’re a red-head, this costume is a must. Grab some denim overalls, and a striped long sleeve shirt, a fake knife, and red shoes. Don’t forget to paint on some exaggerated freckles.
  16. Invisible Man
    This one’s great if you really just don’t feel like going out on Halloween night. Simply tell your friends you’re going as The Invisible Man and will see them there- when you all ‘meet-up’, they’ll just think you’re committed to the costume and be none the wiser.
  17. Lost Tooth Fairy
    Wear or decorate some sparkly shoes, add leggings, a dress or tutu and a wand (a cardboard one will do) No wings necessary, you can be the tooth fairy whose ‘lost her wings’. You can also sprinkle glitter around for fairy dust (warning: your host and other guests may not appreciate this level of dedication to the part!)
  18. Salt & Pepper
    A classic idea for couples: make 2 cardboard ‘shakers’ and paint them, label one S and one P. Then fix them around your body with some suspenders, and voila you are salt and pepper. Name a better pairing – we’ll wait.

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We hope you found some genius ideas in these easy, last-minute Halloween costumes. What’s your favorite Halloween costume? Comment below to let us know!


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