29 Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes That Are Just Perfect

So we heard you were looking for some homemade hot chocolate recipes to inspire and tempt!

It’s officially hot chocolate season and we’re more than here for it.

We can’t get enough and call us biased but we think homemade tastes best (along with being easier on your wallet!)

Where do you start with all the recipes online though?

Well, we thought we’d share the ones we’ll be working our delicious way through.

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If you want to make hot chocolate for a crowd or are planning a hot chocolate party, check out this post with all the tips you need for your own hot chocolate station (including a cute sign and label kit).

Making hot chocolate for a family gathering is so much fun. What better way to make it an event to remember than by buying some personalized mugs for everyone to keep as a party favor after.

These ones were a brilliant price on Amazon and can be delivered straight to your home.

We also like this mug, (see pic below) which can be decorated with your own design as a fun, creative activity for kids and guests.

Alternatively, you could buy a set of themed mugs like these ones.

But that’s enough of the mugs, let’s unleash our inner chocoholics with some epic homemade hot chocolate recipes!

Homemade hot chocolate recipes

  1. Red Velvet hot chocolate
    We just love red velvet – cupcakes, cakes and now this hot chocolate – which also happily makes the perfect pic for Instagram!
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  3. Baileys hot chocolate
    If you wanna Irish things up, this drink is pure boozy deliciousness. One for after the kids are in bed.
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  5. Disney’s Frozen hot chocolate recipe
    Your family won’t want to let this Disney-inspired recipe go!
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  7. Nutella Crockpot hot chocolate
    This creamy hazelnut drink is slow cooked – so no hovering over a hot pan needed here.
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  9. Matcha hot chocolate
    If you like to switch things up, this Matcha and white chocolate combo is a more unusual winter drink. FYI marshmallows are a must with this.
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  11. Easy Crockpot hot chocolate
    Only 3 ingredients are needed to create a perfect brew in everyone’s go to kitchen accessory – we love!
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  13. Grinch hot chocolate
    A sprinkle-covered holiday drink sure to put a smile on any grumpy Christmas grinch.
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  15. Vegan maca latte hot chocolate
    A delicious and spicy maca latte drink that will thrill vegans and non-vegans alike.
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    >pure boozy deliciousness.Some of our favorite accessories for topping your hot chocolate

    Hot Chocolate Toppers

    Hot Chocolate Toppers

    These marshmallow toppers are the perfect size to fit over your mug of cocoa or hot chocolate
    Hot Chocolate Spoons

    Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Spoons

    These spoons are the ideal choice for anyone wanting to minimize prep and still get a divinely chocolatey beverage
    Hot Chocolate Gift Set

    Hot Chocolate Gift Set

    We think this is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for any chocolate lover!
  17. Amaretto hot chocolate
    Another one for the grown-ups. This almond flavored drink is oh-so-rich and flavorful.
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  19. Halloween hot chocolate
    Halloween is the perfect time to start ‘hot chocolate season’ this candy-corn topped recipe is full of treats.
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  21. Eggnog hot chocolate
    We could never have enough eggnog recipes to enjoy during the holidays. This might be the ULTIMATE holiday drink.
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  23. Oat milk hot chocolate
    Tasty and filling, this heart-warming beverage will keep you warm all winter. Plus oat milk is meant to be great for promoting a good night’s sleep.
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  25. Cardamom spiced hot chocolate
    A recipe that combines hot cocoa with fragrant chai spices to create a beverage that’s made for Chocolate lovers who like a little spice.
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  27. Vegan hot chocolate
    A five-ingredient vegan hot chocolate that your friends will swear came from Starbucks.
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    This time can be the most stressful and busy time of the year, make these homemade hot chocolate recipes ahead of time:

    Our favorite products for keeping hot chocolate warm

    Buffet Warming Tray

    Buffet Food Warming Tray

    Keep food warm until you're ready to serve it
    Hot drinks urn

    Hot Drinks Urn Dispenser

    Ideal for warming your brew back up, your guests will be wanting a top-up or three
    The best crockpot for Hot chocolate


    The ultimate way to make hot chocolate overnight and keep it warm all day!

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