29 Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes That Are Just Perfect

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  1. Starbucks hot chocolate recipe
    When you’e tired of your homemade pumpkin spice latte, here’s another Starbucks copycat recipe that will save you $$$ all season long.
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  3. Pumpkin white hot chocolate
    Speaking of pumpkin spice, here’s a drink with all the fall flavors of the season, kept light as a white chocolate version.
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  5. Cinnamon gingerbread hot chocolate
    A must-make recipe for the holidays. Your family will love this one whilst decorating a gingerbread house!
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  7. Chai hot chocolate (vegan & with no added sugar)
    When you drink as much hot chocolate as we do, it pays to keep a few healthy recipes on hand, like this warming chai with no dairy and no added sugar.
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  9. Orange hot chocolate
    Infused with fresh orange, this decadent drink is fuss-free and loaded with flavor.
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  11. Caramel marshmallow hot chocolate
    When you want to go all out, this rich milk hot chocolate is made with salted caramel and marshmallow fluff.
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  13. Keto hot chocolate
    If you’re following a low carb, low sugar diet, you’re probably wondering if you can still enjoy hot chocolate. This recipe gives you the news you’d been waiting for!
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  15. Easy Earl Grey hot chocolate
    This luxurious Earl Grey hot chocolate will convert any tea-drinker, featuring pieces of a real chocolate bar.
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  17. Whipped hot chocolate
    This blog gives an awesome hack to a low-effort beverage, plus a light and fluffy topping that will suit any recipe for hot chocolate.
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  19. Peanut butter hot chocolate recipe (dairy-free & vegan)!
    Bursting with peanut butter flavor, this creation can be ready in 10 minutes!
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  21. Peppermint frozen hot chocolate
    This refreshing peppermint frozen hot chocolate is just what you need to celebrate this holiday season.
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  23. Salted caramel hot chocolate
    You need this delicious keto Salted Caramel hot chocolate in your life. Frothy, rich, and somehow totally sugar-free.
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  25. White hot chocolate
    Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. This is a straightforward recipe for sweet and creamy homemade white hot chocolate that’s ready in minutes!
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  27. Sweet and spicy Mexican hot chocolate
    If you’ve never tried a classic Mexican hot chocolate, fix that immediately!
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  29. Disneyland’s hot chocolate recipe
    Put on your best Mickey ears and enjoy a Disney classic in the comfort of your own home!
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Looking for even more inspiration?

Our favorite hot chocolate recipe book

Hot Chocolate Recipes Book

Hot Chocolate Recipes Book

This book has recipes to delight any hot chocolate lover - including one for frozen hot cocoa!

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What’s your favorite hot chocolate recipe? Let us know in the comments we would love to feature your recipe!

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