53 Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas You’ll Love

Today we’re sharing some brilliant Thanksgiving breakfast ideas.

We love turkey day but breakfast is all often overlooked!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most delectable ways to start your day.

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or a smaller family, whether you’re mad about pumpkin spice, or can’t stand it, there’s inspiration here for you.

Let’s party!

  1. Quick and easy pumpkin spice pancakes with walnuts
    You know the season calls for the finest pumpkin spice pancake recipe
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  3. Healthy pumpkin baked oatmeal
    This sugar-free recipe is a satisfying and healthy way to begin turkey day.
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  5. Slow cooker overnight apple cinnamon oats
    Slow cooker overnight oats are the best way to wake up to a warm and nutritious breakfast.
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  7. Apple butter pancakes
    The best thanksgiving breakfast ideas are packed with fall flavors, this recipe had us at ‘apple cinnamon butter’.
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  9. Overnight pumpkin French toast with streusel topping
    The crunchy streusel topping on this breakfast casserole, combined with the fact you can make it ahead mean this recipe is a winner in our book.
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  11. Easy sweet potato pancakes with marshmallow sauce
    If you’re looking for a recipe that will whet your appetite for the main event then this is the one to go for..
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  13. Thanksgiving Leftovers breakfast casserole
    Ok, so more a day-after Thanksgiving breakfast, but this is a recipe you’ll be glad you found..
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  15. Pumpkin French toast sticks
    These French toast sticks can be made-ahead and frozen for 1-2, so it pays to make an extra big batch of them!
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  17. Apple pie French toast casserole
    This casserole is the perfect pairing for any fall breakfast.
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  19. Pumpkin pull-apart breakfast bread
    This recipe is easy and impressive, thanks to help from a few readymade ingredients.
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  21. Cinnamon sugar pumpkin pancake rolls
    If you’re making a Thanksgiving breakfast buffet, you’ll definitely want to include these..
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  23. Simple pumpkin waffles recipe
    Remember not to overmix the batter and your reward will be these light and fluffy waffles.
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  25. No-knead pumpkin cinnamon rolls
    Life’s too short for kneading, amiright? Enjoying these straight from the oven is exactly what a fall morning calls for .
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  27. Pumpkin muffins with maple glaze
    These glazed pumpkin muffins are getting all the cute points.
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  29. Maple chicken sausage patties
    Chicken sausage is healthier than pork – and with flavors like this no one will be able to tell the difference.
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  31. Apple cinnamon bun breakfast casserole
    We love a good breakfast casserole and this one is definitely going on our bucket list.
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  33. Copycat Cracker Barrel Hashbrown casserole
    This hash brown casserole is easy to customize, so you can make it exactly the way you want.
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