53 Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas You’ll Love

  1. Pumpkin pie protein overnight oats
    A massive 16g of oats makes this oatmeal anything but boring.
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  3. Crock Pot pumpkin spiced latte
    The best way to get your Starbucks PSL hit from the comfort of your home.
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  5. Cinnamon roll pancakes
    Are you wondering where these cute pancakes have been all your life? We certainly are.
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  7. Vegan blueberry cinnamon rolls
    Give cinnamon rolls a twist with this gooey blueberry option.
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  9. Easy cinnamon chip scones
    These cinnamon chip rolls are sure to make it into your regular fall cooking rotation.
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  11. Carrot cake overnight oats
    If you want a breakfast that tastes like dessert but that also gives you long-lasting energy, look no further.
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  13. Paleo cinnamon raisin bread
    If you love cinnamon raisin bread, then this low-carb recipe is a must-try!.
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  15. Keto cinnamon crunch cereal
    This cereal is perfect for busy mornings!
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  17. Ground turkey sweet potato hash
    This turkey hash is the best way to get in the mood for a turkey dinner.
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