29 Halloween Breakfast Ideas for Monster Mornings!

  1. Halloween Baked Egg Eyeballs
    If you want to run wild with your creativity, these eggs are the perfect mix of healthy and cute.
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  3. Halloween spider cinnamon rolls
    almost too good to eat, kids will go wild for these Halloween spiders!
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  5. Candy corn waffles
    For candy corn lovers, these colorful waffles are well worth the effort!
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  7. Monster pancakes
    For a simpler version, that still has the wow factor, opt for these easy alien pancakes.
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  9. Coffin shaped homemade ‘Pop Tarts’
    This genius recipe not only looks great, but you can add any fillings you choose. – We’re going with Nutella!
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  11. Mummy fruit
    If you’re a mom, you probably have enough going on without needing to worry about making over complicated recipes in the morning – this is where these mummy fruit come in!!
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  13. Mini hidden vegetable monster pancakes
    Want to avoid artificial colors and sneak in some veggies? – This recipe has you covered.
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  15. Cheesey egg mummy
    This recipe gives you a savory hit in the morning whilst still getting all the spooky points.
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  17. Pumpkin & ginger jam/jelly
    We’ll be spreading this jelly on just about everything this Halloween!!
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  19. Pumpkin chocolate chip pancake bites
    These pancake bites are a clever way to get your pancake fix in a grab and go form.
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  21. Orange pumpkins
    Getting kids to make healthy choices (and think it’s their idea) is easy with recipes like this.
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  23. Easy jack-o-lantern cheese quesadillas
    You’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of this cool idea sooner!
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Did you find one of these Halloween breakfast ideas to suit you? – We sure hope so!

Complete the experience with these super cute (I mean super spooky) signs

Sleepy Hollow Dead and Breakfast Halloween Sign

Sleepy Hollow Dead and Breakfast Halloween Sign

Dead and Breakfast Sign

Dead and Breakfast Sign

Sleepy Hollow Dead and Breakfast Yard Banner

Sleepy Hollow Dead and Breakfast Yard Banner

Dead and Breakfast Inn Spinning Vacancy/No Vacancy Sign

Dead and Breakfast Inn Spinning Vacancy/No Vacancy Sign

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What’s your favorite recipe for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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