29 Halloween Breakfast Ideas for Monster Mornings!

If you’re looking for Halloween breakfast ideas then you’ve entered the right crypt!

It’s officially spooky season, and we’re getting in the ghoulish spirit by taking a look at some epic Halloween breakfasts.

Now, we know you’re busy (who isn’t these days!) so we’ve got a mix of Halloween breakfast ideas that are devilishly easy, plus more creative ideas for when you feel like making a splash.

There are also sweet and savory ideas, healthy and more indulgent, so no matter what your Halloween breakfast plan, there’s something for you on this list.

Let’s get spellbound! 🎃

  1. Frankenstein pancakes
    These Frankenstein’s monster pancakes are too cute not to make!
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  3. Candy corn bagels
    Who wouldn’t want a schmear of this colorful cream cheese on their Halloween morning bagel!
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  5. Owl grilled cheese Halloween sandwich
    Customize this grilled cheese idea with any of your favorite toppings!.
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  7. Fruit monsters
    If you need to get more fruit into your little monsters then this is the perfect recipe for you!
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  9. Halloween pancakes
    These pancakes couldn’t be easier to make and each person gets a different one!
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  11. Halloween breakfast casserole
    If you didn’t realize ‘ketchup art’ was a thing, consider yourself schooled!
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    If you’re looking for even ‘easier’ Halloween Breakfast Ideas check this out

    Pumpkin Waffle Maker

    Pumpkin Waffle Maker

    Make Fall breakfasts a cause for celebration every day with this cute waffle maker

  13. Banana and cinnamon mummy hand pie
    For a breakfast you can eat with one hand, the banana and cinnamon version of these cute hand pies are a must try.
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  15. Pumpkin cinnamon roll mummies
    The great thing about these mummies is that you don’t need to be too neat with your piping.
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  17. Clementine pumpkins
    These clementine pumpkins couldn’t be easier, you can even pack them in lunchboxes.
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  19. Pumpkin pull-apart breakfast bread
    If you want to go more yummy than mummy, this delicious fall recipe is hard to beat – and it makes the most of readymade ingredients so it’s super easy too..
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  21. Jack-o-lantern toast with pumpkin cream cheese
    You can make the cream cheese for these toasts the night before, perfect if you’re always in a rush in the mornings.
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  23. Bloody guts cinnamon rolls
    If you have a strong enough stomach, this will definitely be a breakfast that’s talked about all day. .
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  25. Halloween hot chocolate
    We’re suckers for hot chocolate, so this is a recipe we’re definitely trying asap!
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  27. Halloween cereal breakfast buffet
    If you’re looking for a self-serve breakfast, this bloodcurdling buffet is hard to beat.
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  29. Ghost pancakes
    This idea is just too easy not to try!
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  31. Ghost hard boiled eggs
    If you like a protein filled breakfast, these hard boiled eggs are a tempting option!
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  33. Frankenstein green smoothie
    With all the sweet treats around at Halloween, we don’t blame you for injecting a bit of nutrition into breakfast, this smoothie is the best way to do it..
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    Pumpkin Tapping Kit

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