12 Benefits of Side Hustles That Will Make You Want to Start One Today

It seems everyone’s talking about side hustles lately. So many people are looking for a way to make an extra income outside their day job.

I was never keen on the phrase ‘side hustle’. It makes me think of getting rich quick scams, pyramid schemes, and people out to make a quick buck at any cost.

It wasn’t until I started one, that I realized there’s way more to side hustles than the kind of person who’d sell their grandma to be a CEO by 30.

If you’re thinking of starting a side hustle, or even if you’ve never been tempted to, read on to see the surprising things I found and why anyone could benefit from starting one.
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  1. Added financial security
    If you aren’t in debt and don’t need the extra cash now, then why would you even bother with the time and effort needed to start a business? – I used to think this way, but a side hustle gives you added financial security that might come in handy when you least expect it.

    No job is ever 100% guaranteed and it might one day become your full-time income out of necessity. That $200 a month from handmaking on Etsy could be something that puts food on the table, just when you need it most.

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  3. Get marketable new skills
    When you start any side hustle or business, you’ll learn new skills that you could use in your current job, leading to a raise or promotion and making you seem extra motivated to your boss. It might even lead to a new, better paying job, or one with better prospects.
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  4. Find a new career you love
    Your side hustle might lead you to finally discover what truly makes your heart happy. If you aren’t satisfied in your career then a side hustle will at least give you a good distraction.

    It could also lead you to a different career from your chosen field; one that you had never imagined, or never imagined you could make money from.

    You could find a hidden talent for sales, social media or making, that changes your whole career path. Plus, if it’s based on your side hustle, it’s more likely to be something that you actually enjoy rather than just fall into by accident.

  5. It opens up a new social circle
    If you’re shy and want to improve your social life but worry about having to put yourself out there or cultivate a lot of new hobbies, then a side hustle is a great way to connect with like-minded people.

    It can lead to more social activity organically without having to artificially try to meet people – which might seem easier if you have social anxiety or aren’t a natural extrovert.

    Maybe you really want to meet new people but find it hard to take the time away from your family or study. Something like driving for Uber could help you achieve that and earn some extra cash at the same time.

  6. Extra pocket money
    Let’s face it; the extra money will certainly come in handy. Maybe you have a guilty pleasure indulgence like your monthly Sephora or Target hauls, or an expensive hobby that’s hard to justify otherwise.
    RELATED: 50+ Ways to Make an Extra $100 This Month That You Can Start Today
    If you’re a stay at home mom, you might want to find a way to financially contribute to things like family vacations. A side hustle is an ideal, low-commitment way to do that.
  7. Setting an example
    Having your kids see the work ethic, dedication, and commitment to personal responsibility that comes from having a side hustle sets a great example for them to learn from.

    Although your business might sometimes interfere with family time, you could try to get them involved somehow in minor tasks to share it with them as well.

  8. A creative outlet
    It’s amazing to think about how many people drift into soul-destroying jobs they can’t stand in order to pay the bills, or because they just need to get ‘something’ fast after graduating.

    Maybe you have to stick with your uninspiring job because it’s a steady income, or you’re saving for the future, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to deal with; especially if it’s unfulfilling and wastes your talents.

    If that’s you, then maybe a side hustle where you can indulge your passion and grow your skills will be for you.

    Never underestimate how important a creative outlet is, to escape the monotony of your day job and stop you from going crazy.

  9. 9-reasons-everyone-needs-a-side-hustle

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