31 Make Ahead Meals to Freeze for an Entire Month!

Getting ahead in the kitchen (not to mention in your life), can be as simple as learning some good recipes for make ahead meals to freeze. 🍽️

Finding the time to cook delicious and nutritious meals during the week is a challenge we all face.đź‘Ž

With a never-ending to-do list, preparing dishes in advance and freezing them can save a LOT of time in the evenings, letting you squeeze more out of each and every dang day.

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If you set aside an afternoon, you can easily prepare a host of delectable dishes to store.

Plus, meal planning is super helpful for budgeting and saving on your grocery bills as you can buy in bulk or take advantage of sales.    

Check out this list of the best make ahead meals to freeze to in advance – we’ve included enough dinners to last you an entire month.

Your future self will thank you.  


Before we start, here’s my essential toolkit for successful make-ahead meal prep storage

Freezer Tape and Sharpie Marker Set

Freezer Tape and Sharpie Set

Keep things organized with clever tape that won't fall off in the freezer
Food bag holders for meal prep

Bag Stabilizer Stand

These sturdy food bag holders will give you an extra pair of hands when you need them
Make ahead meal storage containers

Ziploc Twist’n’Loc Food Containers

These handy boxes come in all shapes and sizes and are BPA-free

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  1. Turkey stuffed bell peppers from Ambitious Kitchen click here to get the recipe
    These stuffed bell peppers are full of flavor, healthy and freezer-friendly – what’s not to love?
  2. make_ahead_meals

  3. Make-ahead chilli from Sweet Somethings click here to get the recipe This chilli is a real crowd pleaser and needs minimal accompaniments, it would be great for when you have company over.

  4. Make-ahead taquitos from Isabel Eats click here to get the recipe
    These taquitos are a killer make ahead alternative to tacos. If you’ve never tried them before, you’ll be hooked in no time!
  5. make_ahead_meals

  6. Make ahead chicken fajitas from the Family Freezer click here to get the recipe
    Continuing the Mexican theme, these fajita bags are the thing to make anytime you see chicken or bell peppers on sale.
  7. make_ahead_meals

  8. Frozen chicken fingers from The Food Network click here to get the recipe
    Full of crunchy texture, once you start making your own chicken fingers you’ll never go back to the store-bought kind.
  9. make_ahead_meals

  10. Macaroni cheese from The Spruce Eats click here to get the recipe
    Mac’n’cheese is the ultimate satisfying comfort food treat. The fact this one is ready anytime a craving strikes for its warm cheesy goodness is kind of dangerous – but that won’t stop us from trying this recipe!
  11. make_ahead_meals

  12. Make-ahead Thai coconut squash soup from Salt and Lavender click here to get the recipe
    It can be hard to know what to cook when you need to accommodate different diets. So having make ahead meals to freeze like this sweet and spicy vegan soup on hand is a must.
  13. make_ahead_meals

    My favorite make-ahead cook book

    Make ahead and freezer meals cookbook

    Seriously Good Freezer Meals Recipe Book

    If you love make-ahead and freezer recipes then check out this cookbook, it's loaded with over 150 delicious creations!
  14. Make-ahead southwestern turkey burgers from Sweet Peas and Saffron click here to get the recipe
    If you love burgers (who doesn’t!), then having a few lighter options to fall back on means even more opportunities to enjoy them! We can’t wait to try these appetizing southwestern ones, made with healthy turkey. If you have a weak spot for turkey burgers then be sure to stop by our list of the tastiest turkey burger recipes on the web.
  15. make_ahead_meals

  16. Make-ahead Tuscan bean pasta from Six Sisters Stuff click here to get the recipe 
    There’s no better choice than pasta choice when it comes to freezer meals on a budget. This filling and flavorful make-ahead dish will be your new hero on lazy nights.
  17. make_ahead_meals

  18. Make-ahead beef stew from A Pinch of Yum click here to get the recipe

    Warming beef stew really hits the spot during the colder months, so be sure to make up a big batch of this. You’ll be glad you did when you’ve spent a busy day kicking through fall leaves.

  19. make_ahead_meals_

    Make-ahead appetizer accessories we love

    Food labels

    Day Of The Week Food Labels

    These color-coded days of the week food labels make staying organized easier than ever
    Reusable Gallon Food Storage Bags - LEAKPROOF

    Reusable Storage Bags

    Never run out of food bags again; if you don't have a set of these yet, trust us, you'll soon be a convert
    Joseph Joseph Nested Storage Tupperware

    Joseph Joseph Nested Plastic Containers

    Our favorite space-saving food storage containers in cheerful rainbow shades

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