7 Easy Changes That Will Give You More Energy

  1. Cut down on stress
    We’re sure you don’t need to be told that being stressed will zap your energy. A good way to start lowering stress levels is to make time for relaxation every day. Anything that helps you switch off and stop thinking about your to-do list or tensions will do you good. Then start looking at practical ways to limit the impact of other stressful factors in your life.
  2. Eat whole foods
    Do you ever get that afternoon energy slump after a big lunch and feel like all you want to do is go to sleep? Me too! As tempting as it is to grab something to perk you up, eating processed foods – especially refined carbs and sugar – will inevitably lead to an energy crash. Choose low GI foods instead so your energy levels stay stable. Eating smaller portions might also help your body to spend less energy digesting after mealtimes.
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  4. Drink less alcohol
    As well as making you feel terrible the next day, drinking certainly takes its toll on your energy levels too. Whilst your liver is busy processing alcohol, it takes resources away from energy production, so cutting back will definitely help.

Lifestyle changes are sometimes hard, but luckily these ones pay off in ways that you’ll see and feel straight away. Try them out and see the difference they make to your health and energy levels!

Which one of these energy-boosting tricks will you try first? Let us know in the comments!


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