8 Times Stranger Things Season 1 Reminded Us of E.T.

Are you excited as we are for the return of Stranger Things on Netflix? It’s been one of the most talked-about shows of recent times – with throwbacks to 80s films like Poltergeist, Stand by Me, and The Goonies amongst others.

The movie it borrows the most from, however, is undoubtedly sci-fi classic, E.T. – which also happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies to watch on a cozy day off.
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There are so many reminders of the Spielberg masterpiece in season one, so in preparation for season two, let’s look at how Stranger Things will feel very familiar to E.T. fans!

  1. The parents who are completely oblivious to what’s going on
    One of the best things about E.T. is that we’re always shown events from Elliot’s point of view. In the same way that Elliot’s Mom has no idea an alien from outer space is living in her own home for a week, (even when right in front of her), Michael and Nancy’s parents live in their own preoccupied adult world, totally unaware of Eleven’s presence.
  2. Stranger Things Season 2 ET

  3. Government conspiracies
    One of the most obvious similarities is the shadowy government agency that Eleven is on the run from (complete with surveillance trucks and hazmat suits). The unwritten rule of the show is that the higher up an authority figure is, the less you can trust them!
  4. Stranger Things Season 2 ET

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  5. Kids on bikes
    The E.T. scene so iconic, they built a Universal Studios ride around it. The kids in Stranger Things are almost never without their bikes!
  6. Stranger Things Season 2 ET

  7. The scene with the van
    And speaking of that bike scene: the part where Eleven flips the van, just as they are about to be caught, is definitely Stranger Things’ answer to E.T.’s airborne bike ride.
  8. Stranger Things Season 2 ET

  9. Creepy dark sheds
    Just don’t go in there! Nothing good ever lurked in a shed at night…well, apart from E.T. that is!
  10. ET stranger things

  11. Discovering the world
    Eleven’s lack of knowledge about the normal suburban world, whilst also being powerful and mysterious, is one of the most compelling things about the show. The scenes where she explores the house and has an uncomfortable ‘makeover’, are straight out of E.T.
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