5 Shows to Watch After Stranger Things on Netflix

Don’t worry guys, you can totally trust us: *This post doesn’t contain any spoilers!*

Just finished Stranger Things and suffering from a bad case of binge-withdrawal?

If so, then the next season probably feels a long way off right now! If you’re wondering what to do with your life until you get your next fix of Hawkins happenings, then read on. We’ve assembled 5 must-watch Netflix shows that will fill the void.

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  1. Black Mirror
    Stephen King called it: “terrifying, funny, intelligent”, and claimed there was nothing else like it. Coming from the supernatural supremo himself, that gives you some clue that this Emmy award-winning sci-fi show sits firmly on the darker side, and isn’t always for the faint-hearted.
    This satirical anthology is also deeply thought-provoking, however, as it explores the all-too-human consequences of future worlds where technology has overrun our daily lives.
  2. what to watch after stranger things netflix

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  3. Freaks and Geeks
    Unfortunately for its fans, this now-cult classic from Judd Apatow only aired for one season. Released way back in 1999, it tells of the everyday struggles of a group of high school misfits growing up in 1980s Detroit.

    There might not be any superpowers but the influence on your favorite shows of today is obvious, and you’ll recognize many familiar faces whose careers were launched thanks to this flawlessly-written and sometimes painful comedy/drama.

  4. what to watch after stranger things netflix

  5. Glow
    Set in the 1980s L.A., Glow tells the story of how a rag-tag bunch of out-of-work actresses get the chance to become the Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling.

    Based upon the syndicated women’s wrestling promotion of the same name, it features plenty of glorious glitters,  hairspray, and 80s styling – not to mention an awesome soundtrack of infectious tunes.

  6. what to watch after stranger things netflix

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