3 Must-try Hair-raising Halloween Themed Drinking Games

Who says the kids should get all the fun this Halloween! Make Halloween 2021 the best year ever by including these must-play Halloween Drinking Games at your Halloween shindig.

You will be the ghost-hostess with the mostest. (The most epic party that is 🥳 )

Halloween Drinking Games

  1. Eyeball beer pong

    Walker blood sangria
  2. Play this Halloween-appropriate version of the drinking game beer pong by replacing the ping pong balls with store-bought eyeballs. We recommend these ones below, which can be ordered on amazon.com

    Eyeball Ping Pong Balls

    Eyeball Ping Pong Balls

    You can also go absolute all out, and pick up this complete Halloween-themed beer pong set.

    Glow in The Dark Beer Pong Set

    Beer game enthusiasts will be familiar with the rules, and this version makes it just creepy enough.

    1. Bobbing for apples, with a boo-zy twist

      Walker blood sangria
    2. Add a little swagger to this traditional fall activity by adding miniature liquor bottles, which will float alongside the apples.

      Walker blood sangria

      Players can try to catch the bottles rather than the apples.

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