32 Awesome Time-Saving Beauty Hacks to Look Better, Faster!

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on your toothbrush
    For a whitening boost, while you brush your teeth, this beauty hack is one of the oldest and best.
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  2. Keep eyeliner pencils in the refrigerator or freezer
    They’ll stay harder, so they’ll be easier to sharpen and you’ll get a neat line, first time, too.
  3. Use a clean microfiber sock as a face blender
    If your morning greets you with a beauty blender or foundation brush that’s screaming to be cleaned, you can achieve a good-enough blending with a clean microfiber sock instead.
  4. Use your lash curler to line your eyes
    This trick has your eyelash curler performing double duty by lining your eyes at the same time as curling lashes. Simply paint liquid eyeliner onto the bottom of your lash curler rim where it touches your eyelid for a 2-in-1 task.
  5. Use an eyebrow wand
    If speedy mornings are your thing, then choose your eyebrow products carefully. Tinted pomades that you apply with a brush might provide high impact, but they can also be one of the most time-consuming parts of your routine.

    Instead, go for a beauty hack in the form of a multitasking product with a wand applicator like Boy Brow from Glossier.

    Glossier Boy Brow

    Glossier Boy Brow

    They fill, color, and set with one application and no brush. The newest formulations are also brilliant for making sparse eyebrows look thicker too.
  6. Use eyeshadow shields to prevent mess
    Applying products quickly isn’t the best way to a neat result. Take smudges and clean-up time out of the equation by utilizing eyeshadow shields and make it impossible to tell you’ve gotten ready in a rush.
    Shadow Shields by Michelle Villanueva

    Shadow Shields by Michelle Villanueva

  7. Ditch brushes and use your fingers
    We’ve lost count of the number of makeup brushes we own, so finding the right one in the morning can be a challenge – and no one has time to clean them up in a hurry either. – Luckily you can apply most products with your fingers instead.
  8. Try oil pulling to whiten teeth and detoxify
    For a speedy beauty hack that removes toxins at the same time, many people swear by the ancient Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling to whiten teeth. You can do it easily whilst styling your hair or getting dressed. Find out all the deets here.
  9. Use the same product for lip and cheeks
    Matching your lip and blush colors not only looks good but saves time too. Try a simple lip and cheek tint that you can sweep on with your fingers.
  10. Make your dry shampoo routine even faster
    Dry shampoo is nothing short of a morning miracle. To speed up your routine, spray or sprinkle it all over your head before you have a shower. That way it has time to really disperse and settle in your hair, and soak up any oil whilst you’re getting ready, there’ll be less excess and you can just brush out easily when you ready to walk out the door.
  11. Hot curl your lashes with your hairdryer
    For a truly genius beauty hack, while drying your hair, blast your eyelash curler with it on the hottest setting at the same time. You’ll get a longer-lasting lash curl that will save on coats of mascara.
  12. Which of these time-saving beauty hacks will you try first? Let us know in the comments!


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