32 Awesome Time-Saving Beauty Hacks to Look Better, Faster!

If there’s one thing we’d all like more of, it’s time – especially in the mornings. – But whoever said that beauty can’t be rushed, didn’t have this list of time-saving beauty hacks at their disposal!

These quick tips will have you looking gorgeous faster than ever, so you can get out of the bathroom and on with the really important things in your day!


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  1. Apply antiperspirants at night
    It might feel weird at first, but antiperspirant is actually better applied overnight, as the ingredients can get to work on blocking sweat more effectively.
  2. Degree Women Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream

    Degree Women Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream

  3. Only use the products you need
    Sometimes we apply on a full face of make up every day without thinking about what we can get away with skipping.

    Not everyone needs a foundation, and some can rock a natural lip look, so make your own beauty hack by seeing what steps you can leave out and take advantage of your natural beauty instead!

  4. Mix moisturizer, sunscreen, and primer together
    Or choose a genius multitasking product that combines all three!
  5. Use hairspray as a make-up setting spray
    Whilst fixing your hair, spray a fine mist of hairspray in front of you and walk through it to set your make up at the same time. You can also use it on an old mascara wand to set your eyebrows.
  6. Use an at-home tint the night before so you can skip your brows
    If you want to spend less time painstakingly shaping and filling your brows, then try an at-home tint before you go to bed in the evening.
    They take just minutes to apply and last up to 6 weeks, which means a lot more time in the mornings. This kit will give you everything you need and comes in a range of colors.
    Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit

    Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit

  7. Set your manicure in record time
    You might have heard of iced water to set nail polish, but hairspray will do the same trick for a beauty hack with less cleanup.
  8. Use mascara to fill between lashes without eyeliner
    Take a fine eyeliner brush and paint the excess from a smudge-proof mascara wand onto your lash line for an awesome 2-for-1 beauty hack!
  9. 33 time saving beauty hacks

  10. Use powdered sunscreen instead of a separate setting powder
    Always use a high-factor powder sunscreen instead of normal setting powder in the summer – mostly because it’s brilliant for topping up your sun protection without displacing make up – but it’s also a fantastic time-saving beauty hack that lets you skip setting powder. This is one of our favorites.
  11. DERMA E Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30

    DERMA E Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30

  12. Sleep in a hair-saving silk bonnet
    You’ll spend less time styling and fixing your hair if you sleep in a frizz-fighting silk bonnet that keeps your hair smooth overnight, plus you’ll feel like a fairytale princess when you go to bed!
    Savena 100% Mulberry Silk Night Sleeping Cap

    Savena 100% Mulberry Silk Night Sleeping Cap

    If you also suffer from tangles, check out how to deal with them here.
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  13. Only apply makeup where you need it
    Start applying foundation in the center of your face and work outwards – you often don’t need it all over, then just blend out into your natural skin tone.to meet your hairline. You’ll apply it faster if you’re using less to start with
  14. Use undereye concealer as an eyeshadow base
    Blend excess undereye concealer or foundation across your eyelid with your finger, to make a fast, even eyeshadow base without the need for a separate eyeshadow primer.
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