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Best Command Hooks

The Best Command Hooks to Organize Your Life!

If you’ve read our list of the 50 Best Command Hook Hacks you’ll know just how many ways you can use Command hooks to make life easier.

What you probably didn’t know, is that 3M also makes a range of incredibly useful specialty command hooks and other products.

There are products for your kitchen, bathroom, and study – practically any indoor or outdoor space can be transformed damage-free!

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Command Hooks and Command Strips packs closeup

50 of the Best Command Hook Hacks

These Command Hook hacks were made for sharing.

I don’t know about you, but I love to find new ways to store and organize everything in the home, especially living in a small space – and I’m crazy about using Command Hooks to help me do it.

These little plastic powerhouses offer so many damage-free uses for decor, making little efficiency changes, boosting your storage, and lots more. Best of all, these Command Hook hacks are all easily removable.

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