5 Shows to Watch After Stranger Things on Netflix

  1. The OA
    If you’re more into more mystery and suspense than moonsaults and spandex, then last year’s surprise hit, The OA is for you. When a missing girl returns after a 7-year absence and claims to be able to locate other missing people using a portal to another dimension (are you feeling the similarities here?), all kinds of supernatural craziness ensues.
    This is probably the closest that Stranger Things fans will get to a replacement.
  2. what to watch after stranger things netflix

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  3. Supernatural
    If you’ve never seen the juggernaut that is Supernatural, featuring the monster-hunting adventures of the Winchester brothers, then now’s the perfect time to catch up. Season one began as an anthology-style series based on creator Eric Kripke’s fascination with urban legends and it’s often praised for its faithfulness to the stories.

    It’s now America’s longest-running live-action fantasy series, with a 92% average rating on Rotten Tomatoes, – and with no signs of slowing down, its thirteenth season has just begun!

  4. what to watch after strange rthings netflix

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    What show is tiding you over until the return of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments!

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