10 Habits of Happy People to Copy Immediately

Do you ever think that if you won the lottery, your life could change completely and you would finally be happy?

Not even winning the lottery; many of us think that a range of dreams – both big and small – could give us that same magical transformation, whether it be buying that car, falling in love, getting that job, fitting into those jeans, or anything else you can think of.

But in truth, the happiest people are ones who don’t let outside circumstances rule them. It’s a cliche but it’s true; they already have all the tools they need inside to be happy. 


Whilst happy people still want things, they know that if they got them – any one of them or even all of them together – they would still ultimately feel the same level of happiness as they do without them.

These are the same people you see walking around who just seem generally content with their circumstances; who are able to look to the good, seemingly no matter what life throws at them. 

So how do they do it? What are the important lessons that we can learn, to tell us how to be happier and more successful in our own lives, starting today?

Check out this list of essential truths that the happiest amongst us already know.

  1. Happy people know that comparison is the thief of joy 
    They know the importance of ‘just do you’. It’s a waste of energy to compare yourself or your life to others. Instead, put your focus on things that bring you joy – which brings us neatly to the next habit. 
  2. Happy people spend more time thinking about what they have than about what they wantThey spend more time appreciating what they already have than wishing for something else.
    They know that happiness comes easily with daily gratitude and appreciation of everything around them.
  3. Happy people know that they are the only ones responsible for their own happiness
    Happy people don’t expect others to ‘make them happy’ or put unfair pressures and expectations on relationships. They instead seek to create it for themselves. 
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  5. Happy people also know that they are not responsible for the happiness of others
    Similarly, the happiest people don’t hold themselves responsible for the happiness of others.This concept particularly is one that a lot of people misunderstand: They think this attitude is selfish or an excuse to treat others badly, especially if they’re born ‘people pleasers’.

    it might seem scary or hard to accept at first, there is actually a lot of comfort in the idea that you are unable to ‘make’ others happy with your own actions. You simply don’t have that power or control. 

    Once you accept that the feelings of others are mostly outside your control, you can stop making your own happiness depends on your ability to please random people.

    In relationship disagreements, it’s about acknowledging that ‘we are both important’ and dealing with conflict to find a successful compromise, rather than one person always giving in just to keep the peace. 

  6. Happy people accept others for who they are and don’t try to change them
    They know the futility of trying to change someone else’s personality or habits and they don’t let it stress them. They appreciate their loved ones for who they are, rather than trying to turn them into who they might want them to be. 

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