10 of the Most Romantic Holiday Movies

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  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    It can be hard to get your crush to notice you when they’re a high flyer whose prime focus is their career – just ask Sally. But not even a disaster-filled Christmas Eve can stand in the way of true love if you’re ‘simply meant to be‘!
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    romantic holiday movies

  3. Meet Me in St. Louis
    Amazing songs, incredible costumes, Judy Garland, and a seasonal love story that’s more Christmassy than a gingerbread house16 Ways to Make the Perfect DIY Gingerbread House. If you’ve never seen this mesmerizing musical, then fix that immediately. It has everything going for it.
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    best romantic holiday movies

  5. Edward Scissorhands
    You can tell that Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were a real-life couple when making this movie. Love can take you to the most surprising places and the ice dancing scene is just the best. Heartbreak soon follows, however, so have your tissues at the ready for this doomed gothic fairy tale.
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    romantic holiday movies

  7. Remember the Night
    Christmas is traditionally a time of forgiveness and coming together, but sometimes people need a little reminding of that. This touching tale of seasonal redemption between a shoplifter and a prosecutor never strays too far into over-the-top melodrama.
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    best romantic holiday movies

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    Looking for something a little edgier to watch? Then check out our picks for the best non-traditional Christmas movies9 Non-Traditional Christmas Movies to Watch This Year to watch.

    What are your favorite romantic holiday movies? Did we miss yours from this list? Let us know in the comments!

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