17 Tips that Show you How to Get Great Skin on a Budget

As much as we love a good #shelfie, it’s not always necessary to reach for the most expensive skincare products or beauty tools in order to get great results for your skin.

Sometimes all you need is a good routine and some patience. So before you splash the cash on another skincare haul, check out this list of essential tips.

They’ll help you get the skin of your dreams and are all either low cost or free. Your wallet – and your face – will thank you!

  1. Drink more water
    Feel thirsty? Then you’re most likely already dehydrated. Most Americans aren’t even drinking half of what they should be when it comes to water intake. How much water you need to drink depends on your body type, how active you are, and other factors, but aim for a gallon a day (just under 4 liters). Although that sounds like a lot, you’ll get used to it quickly, especially when you see the positive effect it has on your skin. Drinking more water will also stop you from overeating at mealtimes and reduce food cravings – no wonder it’s a broke girl’s holy grail beauty hero!
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    Water Tracker Bottle

    Water Tracker Bottle

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  3. Steam your skin
    Steam will open up your pores, preventing blackheads and other skin impurities from forming beneath the surface of your skin.  You can buy a dedicated facial steamer, but a free alternative is to just pour boiling water into a bowl and place a towel over your head while you carefully lean over it for 15-20 mins – just like your mom made you when you had a cold! The best time to apply a face mask, if you have one, is right after you finish steaming so the ingredients can get to work deep down.

    If you do decide to buy a facial steamer this one has incredible reviews and is really great value

    Ionic Facial Steamer with Precise Temp Control

    Ionic Facial Steamer with Precise Temp Control

  4. Get enough exercise
    Any article that gives health advice will tell you about the benefits of regular exercise. Where your skin is concerned, the benefits of a good workout are all about improving blood flow. Blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients to your organs (including your skin) as well as taking toxins away. Your skin will be revitalized and the effects of aging will be slowed as a result. Remember to cleanse your face as soon as you can after a big workout; accumulated sweat and dirt will wreak havoc on your skin, especially if you’re prone to breakouts and congestion.
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  6. Limit sun exposure and wear sunglasses as much as possible outdoors
    Although nothing says summer like a sun-kissed tint, remember that any darkening of your skin from its natural shade is a reaction to it being damaged by the sun, and the damage will only get worse the more sun exposure you get. To make sure your skin stays in tip-top condition and minimize future lines and wrinkles, avoid unnecessary sun exposure whenever you can, and wear high factor sunscreen whenever you have to go outside. While you’re at it, make like Anna Wintour and wear sunglasses as much as humanly possible outdoors. If you do crave a tan, the only safe one is a fake one. Fake tanning technology has come a long way, however, so there’s no excuse not to reach for the bottle to get a faux glow worthy of Miami Beach.
  7. Limit central heating and air conditioning
    Both central heating and air conditioning dry out your skin, so you’re wise to cut down on using them whenever you can. If you rely on air conditioning at home, be sure to either replace or clean the filter regularly. If it’s your workplace that’s drier than the Sahara, then increase your water intake and be sure to use an extra hydrating moisturizer.
  8. Facial massage
    Like exercising, this tip is all about stimulating blood flow to the skin on your face. You don’t need to rely on an expensive jade roller however, there are plenty of videos on Youtube showing various facial massage techniques that you can incorporate into your cleansing routine. If you have any persistent acne spots or areas of congestion, then a bit more time spent massaging those areas while cleansing could make a huge difference too. You won’t notice changes immediately with this tip, but stick with it for a few weeks and you will begin to see improvements. If you would like to give the much-hyped Jade roller a try, we found this great value option:
    Makady Natural Jade Roller

    Makady Natural Jade Roller

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  9. Increase the green vegetables in your diet
    Green vegetables contain a host of vitamins and minerals that your skin, hair, and nails will love. If you normally can’t wait to swerve the green stuff, the least painful way for you to incorporate more into your diet is to add some fresh spinach to shakes, juice or smoothies.
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  11. Drink less alcohol
    Alcohol is crazy-dehydrating. In fact, a hangover is mostly a bad case of dehydration, so it’s no wonder your skin looks dull and lifeless after a big night. If you don’t want to kill the party with your soda order, here’s a trick: every time you order an alcoholic drink, ask for a glass of water as well, and drink it all before you touch that cocktail.
  12. Avoid manual face scrubs
    You know the ones we mean: the exfoliators with those little scrubby kernels in that you rub all over your face to scrape away the gunk. Well at the same time, they’re also scraping away the top layer of your skin in a not-so-gentle manner that might cause your skin more harm than good. If you want to exfoliate, ditch the manual scrubs for a gentle mask, cream or liquid exfoliant that relies on acids to break down dead skin rather than physical exfoliation.
  13. LA PURE Korean Face Mask

    LA PURE Korean Face Mask

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  14. Don’t over-exfoliate
    Twice a week – max! We know it’s tempting to do it more often, especially with how much brighter your face looks and feels afterward. When you exfoliate, however, remember that you’re sloughing off dead skin and exposing new, far more sensitive skin underneath. Don’t exfoliate too often, or you’ll be trying to regenerate skin that’s already new. Another benefit to not overdoing exfoliation is that your products will last longer too, saving you cash in the long run.

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