How to Find the Perfect Fitness Program

  1. Measure progress the right way
    Try not to exercise with goals like weight loss, as many variables can affect whether you meet them. Instead, try a goal related to the exercise itself. Start small and when you hit that goal, come up with a new one. Work towards swimming a certain distance, or taking part in a race, and celebrate each milestone to stay motivated.

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  2. Mix it up
    If you aren’t enjoying your workouts, maybe it’s time to try something new. There’s a form of exercise for everybody, so don’t beat yourself up if it takes you a while to find your match.
  3. Don’t stress if you miss a session
    Missing a session happens to everyone and it’s not the end of the world, so don’t use it as a reason to beat yourself and feel worse. Just carry on, and keep going.
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    There are a host of benefits to physical activity but If you find sticking to an exercise routine challenging, trust me, you’re not alone.

    By keeping your goals in the front of your mind, being realistic, and by choosing something you enjoy, you can give yourself the best chance of sticking with your fitness program, even when you’re way past the initial excitement.

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