How to Clean With Hydrogen Peroxide: 64 Hacks for a Spotless Home

  1. Clean your dehumidifier
    If you have to deal with damp or mold problems, you most likely run a dehumidifier in your home. What do you do when it starts to build up a covering of mold itself though? Wipe it clean with a sponge soaked in hydrogen peroxide once a month to minimize any mold issues.
  2. And even more important, your humidifier
    Dirty humidifiers can cause serious health problems including flu and lung infections. Keep them clean (and safe) by running an equal mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide through your unit once a month.
  3. Freshen your tired and smelly white towels
    We all love a fluffy white towel or bathrobe. If yours are looking a bit tired or need to be refreshed, add ½ a cup of hydrogen peroxide to your wash to make them hotel-quality again.
  4. Spot clean your light-colored clothes
    Stubborn coffee stain (or worse) on your favorite piece of summer clothing? Spot clean that stain with a mixture of ⅔ hydrogen peroxide and ⅓ washing liquid – again no dark clothes – or you might accidentally bleach them.
  5. Clean up after a bloody nose
    Hydrogen peroxide is particularly effective at removing blood stains, just soak the affected area, try to work the peroxide into the stains with your hands or a gentle brush to loosen it, and leave for 30 minutes. Then handwash cold.
  6. Remove those stubborn white T-shirt stains
    A classic white tee is a wardrobe staple. Unfortunately, they attract yellow underarm sweat stains like nothing else! Rinse your shirts with warm water then soak stained areas in hydrogen peroxide and leave to dry. Then put them in your whites wash and when you hang them up, and they will be bright and stain-free again.
  7. Replace your commercial bleach
    Hydrogen peroxide makes a good replacement for bleach and is far less harsh whilst still cleaning effectively, so make the swap during your next grocery shop.
  8. Wash your makeup brushes
    Clean your brushes with an equal parts mixture of castille soap, hydrogen peroxide, and warm water to kill germs and renew them by taking care of built-up makeup gunk.
  9. Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

    Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

    A weirdly therapeutic way to clean your makeup brushes, rub the brushes over the plastic scrubby areas with your favorite brush cleaner
    Makeup Brush Drying Tower

    Makeup Brush Drying Tower

    We're wondering how we lived without this handy bit of kit that gives a place for makeup brushes to thoroughly air dry.
  10. Disinfect grocery shopping bags
    Well done for doing the right thing and taking your reusable bags to the grocery store. Keep them clean and bacteria-free by applying a light spray of undiluted hydrogen peroxide inside and out, leave to dry and you’re good to go.
  11. Clean cuts and sores and promote healing
    Shortly after your injury, apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the wound to clean it and prevent infection to promote faster healing.
  12. Soothe insect bites
    Insect bites are an uncomfortable part of everyday life for a lot of us. Reduce the itching, redness, and chance of infection by dabbing a cotton wool ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide directly on the bites.
  13. Get rid of pimples
    Because of hydrogen peroxide’s ability to treat infections, you can also apply a couple of dabs on to pimples or other skin blemishes when you get out of the shower to help clear up your skin in just a day or two.
  14. Soften foot calluses and hard skin
    Soaking your feet in warm water mixed with hydrogen peroxide is a good idea to help soften any nasty foot calluses and hard skin, making them easier to remove.
  15. And treat smelly feet
    Because our feet can also be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause conditions like athlete’s foot, while your feet are soaking, the hydrogen peroxide will kill off any bacteria for fresh, clean feet.
  16. Detox your entire body
    Did you know that you can even bathe in diluted hydrogen peroxide to remove toxins? Add a generous amount to your bath a couple of times a month along with some Epsom salts. Your entire body will appreciate the benefits.
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