How to Clean With Hydrogen Peroxide: 64 Hacks for a Spotless Home

  1. Ensure a gleaming toilet bowl and brush
    Pour ⅓ of a cup of hydrogen peroxide into your toilet bowl and use your toilet brush to scrub all over, your toilet bowl will be clean and your toilet brush will be bacteria-free.
  2. Joseph and Joseph Toilet Brush

    Joseph and Joseph Toilet Brush

  3. Safely clean chopping boards
    Your chopping board is most likely party central for all kinds of harmful bacteria. Hundreds of small knife cuts and scores can become a breeding ground for lots of hidden nasties. Soak your chopping boards in a 50/50 mix of warm water and hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes to kill off the germs that are lurking there.
  4. Color Coded Cutting Boards

    Color Coded Cutting Boards

  5. Save on oven cleaning
    Industrial strength oven cleaners aren’t just expensive, they’re full of harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to kids, pets, and adults too.Save time and money, and protect your health by combining 1 part hydrogen peroxide, with 2 parts baking soda and a teaspoon of dish soap. Spread all over the inside of your oven and leave for at least 5 hours. The wipe clean with warm water – good as new and no grease in sight.
  6. Spotless glass stovetops
    Electric stovetops are so convenient: they’re easy to use and there’s no need for gas. However, the glass tops can get dirty fast. It doesn’t take long for some spilled pasta sauce to become a stubborn, baked-on stain that is frustratingly permanent. A hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste mix left for an hour, however, will soon solve the problem.
  7. Disinfect your cleaning cloths and sponges
    Did you know that the average dishcloth supposedly holds more bacteria than your toilet? Yuk! You can’t clean with a dirty, smelly sponge, so soak your washcloths and sponges in hydrogen peroxide for a minute or two to disinfect and refresh them.
  8. Clean marks from unsealed marble
    Natural marble looks beautiful in the kitchen, and you want to keep it that way! A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking flour made into a paste and left applied to a stain overnight will remove it from unsealed marble surfaces.
  9. Eradicate grime-covered floors
    Next time you mop the floors add ⅔ cup of hydrogen peroxide to your bucket of water to both disinfect and remove all traces of grime from floors.
  10. Power up your dishwasher
    Pour 2-3 ounces of hydrogen peroxide into your dishwasher before you start the cycle to be assured that your dishes aren’t just clean but bacteria free as well. – Great for during flu season if one of the family is fighting off a bug.
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  12. Clean out your refrigerator
    If you haven’t deep cleaned your refrigerator in a while, chances are it probably doesn’t smell too great. Wipe down all surfaces with hydrogen peroxide to clean off dirt and stains while leaving it smelling fresh. You don’t even have to remove your fruit and vegetables – hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe if spilled on food as it’s non-toxic.
  13. What about your fridge on the go?
    Coolers for food and drinks are a must in the summer if you’re tailgating or hitting the beach. Unfortunately, over the course of a day, week, or month, they quickly build up dirt and germs both inside and out – not exactly where you want to keep your lunch. Spray and wipe with hydrogen peroxide to freshen them up in the same way you would the refrigerator.
  14. Help fruit and vegetables last longer…
    Now, this hack is seriously important! Combine 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 8 parts water in a spray bottle and lightly coat your fresh food, it will get you an extra couple of days of freshness, helping to cut down your grocery bills too.
  15. The same trick also works for leftover salads
    Something else that tends to spoil very quickly is yesterday’s salad. Repeat the steps above and keep that salad crisp and fresh for tomorrow, or even the day after!
  16. Remove harmful pesticides
    Organic is expensive, so when you get home from the grocery store, soak your produce in water and 3% hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes to remove dirt and any and all harmful pesticides for no extra cost.
  17. Disinfect lunchboxes
    Once a week, spray your lunch or bento box with hydrogen peroxide, leave for 10 minutes, and then wash clean.
  18. Remove carpet stains
    Stubborn upholstery stains that nothing seems to remove – we’ve all got ’em!The good news is that they can be made almost invisible with a mix of equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide.

    Soak some paper towel in the mixture and press on the stain for 30 seconds. Dry up the excess water with some dry towel, leave the area to dry thoroughly, and then re-apply if necessary.

    You might want to patch test a small area first. Because hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleach, remember to use this on light-colored carpets only, or you could end up with some lightened patches.

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