12 Secretly Healthy Movie Night Snacks

  1. Nilla Basil Daiquiri from Intoxicologist Click here to get the recipe
    Is there anything more fun than having a girls’ night with some chick flicks and a few cocktails?Make sure yours has all the taste but fewer of the calories with this flavorsome low-cal Daiquiri!
  2. 12 healthy movie night snack swaps

  3. Frozen grapes from Eating Out Loud Click here to get the recipe
    Frozen grapes give that same bitesize sweetness of gummy candy but with a refreshing edge.

    We love that these are so simple and you can also make them ahead of time – meaning you’ll be less tempted to grab something else out of convenience.

  4. 12 healthy movie night snack swaps

  5. Paleo spiced nuts from Elena’s Pantry Click here to get the recipe
    Nuts are full of healthy fats and other nutrients, but like popcorn, they’re often loaded with salt and processed flavors.

    Making your own is a tasty way to keep them at their best without the guilt. This recipe uses black pepper, chili powder, and cumin so they still taste incredible.

  6. 12 healthy movie night snack swaps

  7. Healthy gummy bears from The Clean Eating Couple Click here to get the recipe
    Gummy candy is one of our all-time favorite snacks, but unfortunately, there’s no pretending they’re healthy.

    We’re definitely going to try this recipe which uses fruit juices for natural flavor – and the gummy bear mold is just too adorable to pass up! Get one like it here.

  8. 12 healthy movie night snack swaps

  9. Skinny oatmeal cookies from Amy’s Healthy Baking Click here to get the recipe
    Oatmeal cookies are just one of those things that take you right back to being a kid but these skinny ones also make tasty healthy movie night snacks.At just 82 calories a pop, these cookies definitely get points for being a low-cal alternative. Plus your home will smell gorgeous while you’re baking them.
  10. 12 healthy movie night snack swaps

  11. Chilli and lime popcorn from Killing Thyme Click here to get the recipe
    Being a movie night list, we had to add another healthy popcorn variation and this recipe is made for people who like theirs with a savory twist.The killer combination of chili and lime packs an awesome flavor punch with none of the added nasties or processed ingredients.
  12. 12 healthy movie night snack swaps

    We’re obsessed with this retro enamel popcorn bowl right now

    Enamelware Popcorn Bowl

    Enamelware Popcorn Bowl

    If you love to eat but struggle with your weight then you’ll know that, above all else, maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves identifying where your current diet habits are letting you down and making positive changes.

    When you’re a movie fan, junk food might be your Achilles heel. – I think we can all agree that it’s way, way more fun to eat a bag of chips while binging on Netflix than it is chomping down on some carrot sticks.

    But at-home movie night is one of our favorite things! It’s an inexpensive way to relax at home, however, adding in indulgent foods every time will take its toll on your weight.

    The best way to tackle it is to find some killer healthy movie night snacks.

    Look at your habits and if there’s a particular food that’s getting the better of you.

    When you identify it, make a dedicated effort to replace it with a healthier alternative that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out.

    Which movie night snack is your weakness and what do you replace it with? Let us know in the comments section!


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