5 Must-try Halloween Movie Drinking Games

One of our favorite things about the Halloween season is getting to watch all our favorite horror movies. No matter how many times you watch them, that one jump scare always gets you! If you are looking for a new way to experience the classics, then look no further than our list of Halloween Movie Drinking Games for the most quintessential Halloween night movies of all time.

So, this Halloween night will you dare play one, two, or three?*
*not in any way a good idea. 😂

Important: This is strictly for those of us old enough. Please be responsible and remember to drink plenty of water, eat beforehand (and throughout the night) – Yes, we are giving you an excuse to eat as many yummy Halloween snacks as possible!

Remember, these games can also be played sans alcohol. Check out list of the ultimate Halloween mocktails if you need some inspiration.

Halloween Movie Drinking Games

First things first, what to drink. Well, below are our lists of Halloween themed cocktails and shots that can easily be whipped up at home:

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Hocus Pocus (1993)

Halloween smoothie

Take a drink when:

  • Someone says “Book”
  • You see the inside of the spell book
  • Thackery the cat speaks
  • Someone says “Book”
  • Sarah flirts with someone
  • Someone says “Sister” or “Sistahs”

    Scream (1996)

    Halloween smoothie

    Take a drink when:

  • When a telephone rings.
  • Every time someone gets killed.
  • Every time someone screams.
  • Every time Ghostface gets hit.

    Take two drinks when:

  • If any character refers to a horror movie by name.
  • When Sidney uses her computer.

    Take three drinks when:

  • “Red Right Hand” (by Nick Cave) is played.

    Halloween (1978)


    Take a drink when:

  • Anyone says “Laurie”
  • You hear the theme music
  • You see a pumpkin
  • You see a knife
  • Someone is killed

    Take two drinks when:

  • Every time the theme music plays

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