59 Halloween Dessert Ideas That Are Simply Spooktacular

  1. Monster eye ball Rice Krispie bites
    Rice Krispie bites taste good on any occasion – #fact – dress yours up for Halloween with this recipe.
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  3. Halloween trifle
    That’s right, trifle isn’t just for those other holidays. Make this recipe and it’s sure to become an annual tradition.
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  5. Cute Frankenstein Rice Krispie treats
    You don’t need to be neat with the decoration of these treats, so they’re a great choice for kids to get involved with.
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  7. Melting witch hot chocolate
    We can’t resist a good hot chocolate, and this one is going straight to the top of our bucket list.
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  9. Cockroach donuts
    If giant cockroaches are the stuff of your nightmares, this isn’t the recipe for you. This Halloween dessert might be a bit too real for some but it’s scoring all the authenticity points!
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  11. Candy corn jello
    If you have smaller kids who want to get in on the fun, these jello cups are an excellent choice. recipes like this.
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  13. Creepy mice cakes
    Here’s one uninvited guest you won’t have to call the exterminator for.
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  15. Halloween cake
    For a fun Halloween twist on a unicorn cake, look no further.
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  17. Pumpkin bundt cake
    This pumpkin looks so good, don’t be surprised if people have to check if it’s real.
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  19. Blackout chocolate cupcakes
    For a cupcake as dark as your soul, this is the recipe to try.
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  21. Werewolf kibble
    Move over puppy chow, this Halloween, it’s all about the werewolf kibble.
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  23. White chocolate candy corn cookies
    This isn’t just a recipe that looks good, if you want the perfect soft batch cookie this is the one to go for.
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  25. Pumpkin Rice Krispie treats
    Kids will have a blast making these ultra-messy treats.
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  27. Candy corn marshmallow pops
    These one-handed treats leave the other hand free to cast all kinds of spells.
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  29. Mini candy corn cheesecakes
    These colorful cheesecakes will be the perfect finishing touch for your dessert table.
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  31. Halloween bubbling witch’s cauldron brownies
    Frosting-filled brownies? – Count us in!
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  33. Halloween witch cupcakes
    Nevermind dessert, these candy-stuffed cupcakes are almost a meal in themselves!
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  35. Candy corn tuxedo cake
    If you want to go all out, this colorful, candy corn tuxedo cake is sure to cause a stir.
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We hope you like these Halloween dessert ideas and that you found one to take to the grave with you.

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What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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