59 Halloween Dessert Ideas That Are Simply Spooktacular

  1. Easy Halloween pretzels
    These pretzels might take a little time to coat – we’re going to make them while listening to our favorite monster mash playlist.
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  3. Witch’s brew brownies
    This recipe is just perfect for using up all that leftover candy!
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  5. Ghost meringues
    These meringues are so easy to make, you’ll be able to whip them up in a snap!
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  7. Little devils meringue cookies
    We could also see this recipe in a Maleficent-horn version that would excite any fans of the Disney villain!
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  9. Zombie brain brownie bites
    This eat-with-your-eyes-closed recipe gets all the points for creativity.
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  11. Halloween s’mores sip
    We can’t resist a good dessert dip and this is one of the best we’ve seen.


  12. Spider web sheet cake
    This recipe is a true triple threat: easy, impressive, and delicious.
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  14. Marshmallow ghost cupcakes
    If you feel like your meringue skills aren’t up to the earlier ghosts we looked at, how about this marshmallow version that looks just as good?
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  16. Halloween cream cheese swirl brownies
    These cheesecake-swirled brownies look frightfully good.
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  18. Halloween chocolate cherry hand pies
    Chocolate and cherries are one of our all-time favorite flavor combos, so you know we’re making these.
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  20. Pumpkin patch brownies
    If your fall highlight is a visit to the pumpkin patch, then you’ve got to make these brownies in tribute.
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  22. Dark chocolate halloween cookies
    If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on decoration, these cookies are one to try.
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  24. Ghost popcorn balls
    These popcorn balls, with just five ingredients, are the perfect recipe to make with kids.
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  26. No-bake peanut butter pumpkin bites
    You probably already have everything you need for this easy gluten-free recipe.
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  28. Halloween punch for kids
    Don’t forget the drinks! This punch is made for kids, but with crowd-pleasing flavors everyone can enjoy.
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    I found these super cool swizzle sticks and straws which would go great with this punch

    Halloween Drinking Straw set

    Halloween Drinking Straws

    These straws not only look cute but are brilliant for telling your drinks apart
    Pumpkin Swizzle Sticks

    Pumpkin Swizzle Sticks

    Just the thing for stirring a creepy concoction

  30. Poison apples
    If you’re trying to sneakily add some fruit to Halloween, these ‘poison’ apples will be an essential component of your evil plan!
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  32. Ghostly mini cheesecake bites
    These cheesecake bites can be made in just minutes, it’s the ideal Halloween recipe to have on hand if you’re running late!
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  34. Halloween monster bundt cake
    This recipe gives us the perfect excuse to dust off our bundt tin.
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  36. Boo-nilla ghost milkshakes
    For a dessert you can drinks, these Halloween milkshakes have got to be it.
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  38. Hocus Pocus cupcakes
    If you’re having a Hocus Pocus viewing party this Halloween (one of our favorite Halloween movies), this is what to serve while you enjoy the spirited adventures of the Sanderson sisters.
  39. For more ideas of movies to watch this Halloween, check out this post.


  40. Witch finger pretzel rods
    If wicked witches are your thing, you’ll totally dig this easy candy pretzel idea.
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  42. 5-inute Halloween snack mix
    This simple and delicious snack mix is perfect for diving into whilst watching some scary movies.
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  44. Bloody truffles
    These truffles stay good for a week – perfect for anyone who wants to get prepped ahead of time!
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  46. Halloween pretzel bites
    It’s hard to find anything not to like abot these sweet’n’salty pretzel bites.
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