DIY Spa Day Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know

How to have a home spa day with friends

If you plan to share your at-home spa with the squad, it’s essential to get the basics right. 

Like any successful bash, the key to success is the setup; firstly, make sure your space can accommodate everyone and have enough comfy chairs and foot-soak bowls on hand.

Extras like snacks and juice are even more important with a group. Include fizz or mimosas to make a pamper day for a bridal shower or other celebration go with a bang.

You might skip some of the full-body, spa at home ideas, but you’ll have a blast catching up while you soak your feet and paint your nails.

Keep some trashy magazines on standby to flip through, but the entertainment takes care of itself.

To ease the load on you, you could have everyone bring a different treatment for the group to try. Alternatively, make cool favors out of the relaxing DIY products on this list.

Ideas to try with your partner

While you could pass on some of the less romantic treatments (pumicing each other’s feet? It’s a no from me), at home spa day couples lucked out as they can do a DIY full body massage on each other. Alternatively, recline while bae gives you a foot massage or soothe stressed heads by gently washing each others’ hair.

If it’s date night you can go all out with the menu too. Think chocolate-dipped strawberries and chilled champagne.

If you love having a spa day at home, you may want to put together a special kit you can pull out. Pack it with your favorite beauty treatments. Add face masks, nail polish, bath bombs, coconut oil, comfy towels, and cozy slippers.

A DIY spa day helps you de-stress, but it also tunes into an act of self-care and self-love. When you’re busy putting out everyone else’s fires, taking time for yourself is rejuvenating and powerful.

Do you need ideas to help you start every day in the best mindset?  Then check out our favorite self-care morning routine.

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