DIY Cuticle Oil for Stronger Nails in Minutes + 5 Recipes

  1. The one without Jojoba
    You’ll find that most nail oil recipes contain jojoba oil because it mimics your skin’s natural sebum oil, helping it to absorb the ingredients. 

    If you don’t like jojoba however or are sensitive to it, then Whatthegelnails offers this recipe which uses coconut oil instead.

  2.  The one that isn’t a nail oil
    For the final pick, it’s back to Humblebee & Me for one of my favorites, and a bit of a wildcard.

    Ok, I know, I know, I promised you the best DIY nail oil recipes and technically this is a DIY nail butter but, trust me, you’ll want to up your nail maintenance once you see the brilliant results you’re getting.

    I love to keep one of these in my purse and use it if I’m waiting in a long line, or traveling (you’ll definitely want to apply some on a long flight).

    It’s a bit lower maintenance than trying to apply a gloopy oil in public but it still yields amazing results and is great for soothing sore hangnails – your cuticles WILL thank you.

  3. To really do justice to these amazing nail oil recipes, be sure to buy unrefined and organic pure essential oils for the best results.

    – What does that mean? – Simply put, it will be the least processed products you can find, with the fewest ingredients on the label. So you get all the benefits, without any added nasties!


    If you love self-care tips like these then check out our section with the tips on the best ways to look after yourself.

    Do you have a favorite cuticle oil recipe? Share it in the comments below!

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    My nails get so dry and weak, especially in a cold winter, these super-moisturizing DIY cuticle oil recipes and ideas are the best, they're going to save me of money too!

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