50 of the Best Command Hook Hacks

  1. Fridge lock from Hip2save
    This makeshift child lock will make you wish you’d thought of it sooner!
  2. 50 Command Hook Hacks

  3. Desk organization buckets from Delightful Mom
    These little buckets are a totally cute way to store pens and stationery items – but they can take up a lot of desk space – hooking them onto the edge is a great compromise!
  4. 50 Command Hook Hacks

  5. Scrabble ledge shelves from Apartment Therapy
    These cute scrabble ledges are an adorable Command Hook hack that keeps favorite books easy to grab and out on display.
  6. 50 Command Hook Hacks

  7. Coffee station from Hi Sugarplum
    Coffee addicts will love this dedicated drinks station with everything you need to fix a cup of Joe in a hurry!
    50 Command Hook Hacks

  8. Hairdryer caddy from _mrs_ladybug_ via Instagram
    We love this repurposed shower caddy on a Command Hook for storing hair tools –  remove the entire caddy to have all of your items out at once, then tidy away as soon as you’re done – it’s one of our favorite Command Hook hacks for reducing clutter if you use a lot of products to create your look.
  9. 50 Command Hook Hacks

  10. Trash can hack from One Good Thing
    Use this humble trash can hook hack to make sure the bag stays in place!
  11. 50 Command Hook Hacks

  12. Bow storage from Milennial Music Teacher via Instagram
    If you’ve got a musician at home – or even a whole string section – you can organize their equipment with this killer Command Hook hack so it doesn’t get damaged.
  13. 50 Command Hook Hacks

  14. Hat storage from Chadpbaker via Instagram
    Hats are so awkward to store: you have to be careful not to squash them and they take up a lot of space. Use this Command Hook hack to solve the problem!
  15. 50 Command Hook Hacks

  16. Key rack from Two Twenty One
    One of the best Command Hook hacks for speedy mornings? A simple door-side key rack so you don’t waste half your morning hunting them down.
  17. 50 Command Hook Hacks

  18. Book slings from Projects at the Picketts
    These gorgeous book slings are a quick and easy craft project for keeping bedtime stories close by.
  19. 50 Command Hook Hacks

    Which one of these Command Hook hacks was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. I really am a great fan of hooks since they are quite helpful. I have them all over my home and they are all different. But I really have never imagined that there are 50 (and probably even more) of different types of them :O :O How did you find them all? You are truly unbelievable and I sincerely admire you.

  2. Wow, I would really love to thank you for all these hook hacks you’ve shared. i own a small studio type apartment, where everything should have to be in order because I have limited space. After reading your post, I now how idea where to actually place some of my things, especially those that can be hang properly in my room by using a hook. I truly find this brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. I LOVE DIYs! I’ve actually tried most of these hacks in my bedroom since I have a lot of little art materials that are best hung up than stored. The ipad one was brilliant though! Haha. This should come handy for when I redesign my room again. It’s always changing and sometimes, cables get in the way.

  4. These are some cool tips for an organised house. As I kept scrolling down I was liking each of them for its usefulness. The mug display is cool and cooler still is the little garden with them.

  5. This is brilliant and helpful. I super love the idea and it very timely since I am reorganizing my art and craft room. Thank you for sharing this. Would you recommend a place where I can get these hooks cheaper?

  6. My husband and I have used this brand already. I love that we don’t need to drill into our walls. It makes it easier to decorate or add something to our home. I don’t even need to wait for my husband to help me with these.

  7. I am so happy to read this!! Honestly, I have been thinking of other ways to use my hooks and I’ve been dying to learn new things like these. The one that attracts me the most is the one with the mobile phones and the ones with the tablet. I could not say anything more else since I couldn’t wait to try all these!

  8. I totally agree with the sturdiness of Command hooks. This is so useful especially if you are renting and drilling holes is a big NO in your contract. If you value your deposit better buy those hooks. Thanks for sharing, I particularly like the ones for backdrop. I always though using a sticky tape would do the job. 🙂

  9. Those were quite plenty of ideas using hooks! I always had troubles with charger cords and my kitchen cabinet. I think i should be getting myself some adhesive hooks ans use it in the closets of my kitchen to hang small and light utensils. Space has always been a challenge with so many things. Thanks for sharing all these useful hacks!

  10. That is a huuge list of applications for these humble hooks. They help us in so many ways and save space! I hope their quality is good enough.
    I was particularly impressed by the hooks for the iPad

  11. Never really thought about using command hooks for more than hanging pictures before, great list. The Christmas wrapping station is such a good suggestion, definitely using that one.


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