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Make Ahead Appetizers

Make Ahead Appetizers: the Ultimate List of 113 Easy Recipes

Make ahead appetizers are the best way to get organized early for a party or get together. If you want incredible food that takes center stage, and to spend more time having fun with your guests, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of easy make-ahead appetizer recipes that will save you so much time when you’re having people over.

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Garlic and chilli pasta bowl

15-Minute Garlic and Chilli Pasta

There are some nights where you get home and feel like making a huge winter feast of a meal. More often for me though, I get back feeling tired and totally exhausted and just want something quick and filling that tastes good.

Because of all ‘those nights’, I’ve reached for this awesome garlic and chili spaghetti recipe more times than I can remember. When it comes to fast food nothing beats pasta and I’m so excited to share this. – It’s addictively delicious and so simple you could make it in your sleep!

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Chocolate brownies

Best-Ever Fudgey Chocolate Brownies

Light the torches and rejoice. This is the recipe that you’ve been looking for.

As a seasoned brownie aficionado, this recipe blew me away. Not only is it fast and oh-so-easy, (I can whip this up in minutes with ingredients in my cupboard), but it gives amazing, indulgent brownies with just two bowls and no complicated steps or expert baking techniques.

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