12 Ways to Use Castor Oil That Will Make You Look Amazing

  1. Use it as a leave-in smoother for frizz-prone hair
    Rub a couple of drops between your palms and run through the ends of your hair as a leave-in conditioner, for thick, smooth and healthy hair.
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  3. Promote skin healing and scar fading
    Use it daily to soothe and fade blemishes and scars from your skin by promoting circulation and healing.
  4. Prevent stretch marks from forming
    Use it throughout the later stages of pregnancy to help minimize stretch marks.
  5. Encourage thicker lashes and brows
    Apply a small amount to lashes and brows twice daily to encourage healthy growth.
  6. Use it as a natural oil cleanser
    Castor oil can be used as a gentle alternative to harsher cleansers. It removes dirt and makeup, balances your skin’s natural oils and doesn’t dry it out like traditional soaps and detergents can. Check out this post for some tips.

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