Shopping Tips and Tricks: 8 Ways to Shop Sales Like a Pro

    1. Join the loyalty scheme
    2. If you know you’re going to make purchases from particular stores, look to join up with their free loyalty points schemes if they have them.

      If you haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid yet 😊 this is where businesses will give you ‘points’ on your purchases that will possibly add up to freebies, bonuses, or other special offers.

      They might not add up to much the rest of the year but they’re especially handy for the sales as you can sometimes get a ‘first look’, or access flash sales or receive added discounts.

    3. Stay up late

    For night owls, many stores begin online sales after midnight, so it’s worth logging on late at night if you want something that’s likely to go fast, or if you want to have your pick of the best deals.

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    tips and tricks for better online shopping

    What about impulse items that aren’t on the list but are a crazy-good deal?

    Unless it’s something that’s a genuine need like kids’ clothes, everyday necessities, or something that would make a good holiday gift, then the answer is to walk away.

    If they weren’t on the list of things you already knew you wanted or needed when you looked at this cold, then you’ve probably just been influenced by clever marketing.

    Stores know what exactly they’re doing when they merchandise items in a compelling way during sales and shopping events. They even employ behavioral psychologists and researchers to analyze the best way to display items to appeal to shoppers – right down to the wording on signs and where they place them.

    If you’re severely tempted by something you want, take a time out and leave the store. You’ll know if it’s something you really want to go back for after you’ve had a break.

    Smart shopping tips

    If you need an extra motivation boost, write down the items you have regretted from past sales, what they cost, and what else you could have done with the cash instead. Stores rely on your FOMO to make sure you buy rather than ‘letting them get away’ but most of the time, that’s exactly what you should do.

    Follow all of these shopping tips and tricks and you can’t go wrong. You’ll know exactly what you want, how much to spend, and where to get the best deal before the sales have even begun.

    Let us know if you have any questions on this in the comments and we’ll answer them!

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